Seasonal CRO tips – putting the summer sizzle into your website

With the warmer climes on the way, how can you be sure that your website’s conversion rate hots up in line with the weather?

At Boostify, we’ve put our thinking caps on and have come up with six seasonal CRO tips, which are sure to see you through the summer months.

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Does dynamic website content impact on site speed?

In a digital age where internet users expect to receive the information they want at the click of a mouse, it has never been more important for modern e-commerce businesses to get web speed right.

Ultimately, a site which offers non-dynamic content or a dire page-loading speed – or worse, a combination of the two – is a sure-fire way to accelerate a firm’s customer exit rate and deplete their bottom line.

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6 GDPR-compliant CRO hacks

One word on the lips of many businesses owners at the moment is ‘GDPR’ – General Data Protection Regulation.

The new legislation – which comes into effect on 25th May 2018 – signifies an overhaul in data protection and privacy, introducing stricter rules and requirements around how firms can legally store and process personal data.

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SEO vs CRO – where should you spend your digital marketing budget?

When businesses are allocated their annual budgets, it can sometimes feel like a bit of a minefield for managers to know where to prioritise the spend without negatively impacting on sales performance.

So, as the digital marketing landscape becomes more competitive, with the emergence of new competitors and technologies, the longstanding ‘SEO vs CRO’ debate is more prevalent than ever.

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The secret to solving basket abandonment

There’s no denying or hiding behind the fact that one of the greatest challenges facing the ecommerce and digital marketing industries is basket abandonment.

In an ideal online-transactional world, all website visits would result in either a direct or indirect conversion, but the reality is that e-consumers – just like their non-virtual counterparts – like to browse, and this has resulted in basket desertion becoming a commonplace occurrence in the cyber sales cycle.

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