Welcome to supercharged by boostify the blog that gives you all the tips, tricks and updates with everything and anything boostify. We are very excited to launch boostify so here’s an introduction to what we do…

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An introduction to boostify.

Boostify is a market-leading visitor behavioural tracking system that enables you to personalise your website like never before. Greatly reducing bounce rates for businesses in all industries. Use one of half a dozen tools to help your business improve conversation rates and increase traffic to your site. Anyone can implement our state of the art widgets to make their website look and perform even better with our simple and easy to use dashboard.

To find out more about us and what we do click here.

A quick look at what we have to offer.

Now we’ve given you an introduction to who we are here’s a quick look at what we offer when you start out with the boostify platform.

The Intelligence Layer.

At boostify we offer a state of the art intelligence layer to understand & engage with your traffic. Boostify’s intelligence layer can do many things for your website and your traffic such as :

  • Track your customers
  • Segment your traffic
  • Engage with targeted campaigns
  • Instantly communicate with your audience
  • Powerful insights and reporting

For more on the intelligence layer click here



The Widgets

As a part of the intelligence layer we offer a wide range of widgets that can be used to make your site look better and to encourage your visitors to engage with you. Anyone can add these to their website no coding knowledge needed as included is a simple yet powerful designing tool for every widget. We provide all the widgets you need to supercharge your website and we are constantly updating with more. The widgets we have are :

  • chat
  • capture
  • action
  • contact
  • social proof
  • announcement

And in the near future we plan to have a feedback and a share widget.

To find out more about our widgets click here


The services

We provide a number of specialist services which enable you to have full support from us, on how to implement our products to the best of your ability. If you are an agency you may want to have a look into these services there are 3 different types of specialist services :

  1. The first being the on boarding services which give you help from an implementation specialist who will give you the guidance to set everything up on your website.
  2. The next is the consulting services which will connect you directly to a dedicated conversion specialist who is fully dedicated to helping you succeed.
  3. The last is the technical service where we will help you tackle your technical projects ensuring you have the best boostify implementation possible.

To find out more about the services we offer click here




The pricing is extremely affordable with a 30 day free trial available across all plans. You can choose between the lite plan from only £9 per month, the pro plan (which is our most popular plan) starting at only £29 per month and finally the business plan which gets you the most out of our platform from only £49 per month.

To find out more about pricing and to get yourself started on a plan click here

As excited about the launch as us?

Get started today and boost your website conversion rate in minutes. We offer a free 30 day trial & no credit card is required. Boost your website conversion – in minutes not weeks.


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