With the warmer climes on the way, how can you be sure that your website’s conversion rate hots up in line with the weather?

At Boostify, we’ve put our thinking caps on and have come up with six seasonal CRO tips, which are sure to see you through the summer months.

1 – Showcase your summer-specific promotions

Rule number one is key, because when the weather changes, so do consumers’ spending habits. From people’s food and clothing choices to long holidays and mini-breaks, it’s vital that you’ve got a bank of savvy savings to engage and entice your online audience.

This could be anything from price reductions and free gifts to something more time-sensitive, such as a flash sale. Always ensure they’re relevant – that means no woollen jumper promos if it’s above 15 degrees!

2 – Align your website imagery

If it’s sunny outside and temperatures are soaring, then statistically customers are more likely to feel inspired to spend their e-pennies, particularly if the images reflect what they’re seeing out of the window.

That means no autumnal or wintry artwork, because the reality is, even if your site stocks the service/products they are looking for, psychologically the out-of-season images will tell their brains that they’re looking in the wrong place. And we all know what that leads to… the dreaded basket abandonment – so close, yet so far.

3 – Have a ‘summer’ clean

If your site contains customer testimonials or reviews, it’s important to have a thorough sweep of all relevant landing pages and make sure they’re up-to-date.

These first-hand accounts of interactions with your products and brand are pivotal in helping to translate a browser into a buyer. So, if it’s August 2018 and you’re displaying recommendations from last year, this could give site users a misrepresented depiction of how popular the product still is, or cause them to lose trust in you as a credible brand – either way, it’s not a good outcome.

4 – Keep an eye on the weather forecast

We all know that a British summer can be very unpredictable, and that’s why it’s more important than ever to have your finger on the button when it comes to knowing what products and promos to push, and when.

For example, if you know when the periods of above-average weather are about to hit, you can tailor your site content to complement this, and you can even schedule that bank of timely summer promos – mentioned in point one – to be triggered on a certain day or time, giving you an increased chance of meeting consumer demand.

Also, it’s a great tip to apply to national days such as the August Bank Holiday.

5 – Test, then test again

As we know, no one shopper is the same. Each has their own browsing intent and their own quirky on-site habits.

That’s why the most effective thing to do is segment your online traffic into distinguishable groups. You can then trial different messaging, images and products with A/B testing, to gauge which combinations work best. Once completed, you can then roll them out when the summer months hit.

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