When businesses are allocated their annual budgets, it can sometimes feel like a bit of a minefield for managers to know where to prioritise the spend without negatively impacting on sales performance.

So, as the digital marketing landscape becomes more competitive, with the emergence of new competitors and technologies, the longstanding ‘SEO vs CRO’ debate is more prevalent than ever.

But which one is really the best option for your business and where should you be investing your cash?

How fast do you want to see results?

Although we’re a little biased because CRO is our specialism, we’re not downplaying the importance that SEO plays in a successful marketing matrix.

But only optimising your site for search engines and not conversion rates will lead to one thing… a site which ranks well in the SERPs, but which doesn’t attract an audience that is interested in your products.

Then it’s goodbye to high conversion rates and customer retention.

So, while the benefits of SEO are plentiful, there are an abundance of reasons why you should assign a greater proportion of your outflow to conversion rate optimisation. Let us explain…

If you’re wanting to see conversion results instantly, it’s time to realise that SEO is a bit of a slow burner. In fact, it can take anywhere between 6-9 months to see visible findings from your keyword amendments, and only then can you act on them.

At Boostify, we like to see the fruition of our labour a lot faster than the timeframe which SEO allows – we want to see results the same day!

That’s why, with our customer engagement platform, you can create targeted campaigns for certain segments of your online traffic – such as returning customers – and customise widgets to ensure you are personalising their visit, and most importantly, meeting their online-retail needs. Plus, with all your B2C e-commerce activity controllable via the Boostify dashboard, there is no need to outsource web development or content services. It can all be amended or changed in-house, within minutes, not weeks.

So, to answer the question, if you’re looking to compete for keywords and dominate the SERPs without a guarantee that your traffic will convert, then SEO should receive all of your budget investment. But, if you’re keen to attract the right customers and transform traffic into bottom-line revenue, then CRO is perhaps the missing piece to your marketing puzzle.

How do you measure results?

Measurability of conversion success is an important part of any business model too, of course. But, to cut to the chase, it’s easier to measure CRO than SEO – if you have the right tools…

While there are some overlaps between SEO and CRO in terms of how they are analysed, there are some differences which may help you to prioritise where you allot your pennies. SEO metrics and KPIs revolve around keyword rankings and

organic traffic acquisition, whilst CRO delves into the more instantaneous – and indeed measurable – indicators such as conversion percentage and engagement rates.

Boostify understands that marketers like quantifiable results which allow them to map out forward actions for improving their sales funnels – that’s why our platform has a built-in insights section.

On your dashboard, you can visualise campaign results in highly granular charts and detailed graphs, at the touch of a button. This enables you to clearly see success metrics such as bounce rates, visitor totals and engagements – to name but a few!

This ability to access such a deep level of insight reveals a wealth of information to better understand the intent of your site users – data which is unreachable with SEO alone.

So, who has the power?

In reality, SEO and CRO should work in tandem for a business to be its most effective – because in all honesty, both high SERP rankings and strong conversion rates matter when it comes to a brand’s online success.

However, for more instant results which are directly – and more personally – related to your online traffic, then CRO is the avenue to dedicate more budget to. SEO is usually the one to receive marketers’ attention, but obtaining a high search engine ranking does not mean victory in the conversion war if the people who land on your site have zero purchase intent.

To find out more about the three different packages available with Boostify, check out our pricing plans page: here

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