There’s no denying or hiding behind the fact that one of the greatest challenges facing the ecommerce and digital marketing industries is basket abandonment.

In an ideal online-transactional world, all website visits would result in either a direct or indirect conversion, but the reality is that e-consumers – just like their non-virtual counterparts – like to browse, and this has resulted in basket desertion becoming a commonplace occurrence in the cyber sales cycle.

Now, there are many studies and research papers out there which cover the reasons for cart abandonment, but the primary issue is that – in many cases – businesses aren’t equipped with the right knowledge or tools to help them champion the two pivotal components of conversion success – customer retention and customer satisfaction.

At Boostify, we don’t believe that organisations should sit back and accept these sales losses without a fight, but to have any chance of winning the CRO battle, you must be armed with the correct tools to be able to tune into your audience and make transactional triumph possible.

That’s where Boostify’s suite of widgets can help!

Individualise your customers

We’re sure that every marketer would love to have the time and capacity to convert each individual site user on a one-to-one level, but the fast-paced nature of e-commerce makes this near impossible – unless of course you have an Action widget.

Our Action feature allows you to boost sales by adding strategically-targeted, highly-engaging CTAs to your site.

The clever functionality of this responsive tool means that you can not only display customised messaging to each individual site visitor, but you can do this at exactly the right time – thanks to our industry-leading behavioural targeting platform.

Through analysing your visitors’ on-site behaviour, you can use these insights to fire out tailored offers and discounts – based on their browsing habits – to gently coach them through your conversion funnel and encourage repeat purchases.

This in-depth level of customer insight helps to reduce your website’s bounce rate too, as you can guarantee that your content is only addressing individuals’ personal e-commerce needs – thus reducing the risk of abandoning a basket which was full of potential purchases.

It’s also a great widget for engaging new website visitors, as you can quickly and easily promote the launch of a product in a pop-up – a feature which helps to grow initial sales figures.

Gather the data you need

Now, we know that you can interact with your online consumers via targeted messaging with Action, but what else can you do to entice those customers with exit intent, to stay on your site?

Capture is another Boostify widget which enables you to send super-targeted – and GDPR compliant – forms to prospects.

This could include a discount code for subscription to your newsletter, a perfectly timed sign-up form, or even a sign-up bar which remains at the top of each webpage – a successful way to win your consumers’ information before they have chance to exit your site.

The intuitive nature of our platform also means that you can create a live profile for each visitor – a valuable feature to instantly identify users who are likely to commit the basket abandonment offence – and target them with appealing offers.

Add in a little peer persuasion

In many instances, customers quit their existing purchase because they are simply browsing for the perfect deal, and in the age of consumer savviness, many are accustomed to conducting price comparison research before they commit to parting with their money. This is a trend which is unfortunately recurrently linked with basket abandonment.

Our Social Proof widget hones this consumer tendency to window shop. It delivers influential notifications which gently coax your visitors into completing their sale before leaving their current webpage.

From displaying the number of real-time purchases of a shopper’s chosen product, to highlighting how many other people are looking at an offer, these notifications cleverly use customers’ own site behaviour to build and strengthen visitor trust, whilst giving potential buyers the confidence they need to complete the sales cycle.

Spark up a conversation

It’s common knowledge that consumers have questions, but unless you work in a customer service role, brands rarely get to speak face-to-face with these all-important buyers.

So, if you really want to reinforce the trustworthiness of your company – and indeed your website – offering a live chat service is a productive way to counteract any fear or hesitation of a potential sale.

With our Chat widget, you can unlock instant communication with your traffic and send personalised messages to either help them complete their purchase or promote a new product – without them having to solely rely on offer guesswork or stock descriptions.

We believe that bridging the communication gap between retailor and buyer is essential for achieving a reputable brand and a loyal consumer base. So being able to target returning visitors with a simple “welcome back, how can we help today” message, for example, could pay dividends in terms of conversion probability.

The solution?

Our widgets aren’t just about pushing offers at people who land on your site – they are designed with customers’ needs in mind.

Through individualising your online traffic, you can begin to segment user behaviour into lists with tailored forms and offer pop-ups assigned to

them. This ensures that any commerce-related communication you have with site users is pertinent to their personal buying habits.

It’s easy to feel like CRO is a bit of a minefield. But, if you’re looking for an easy way to supercharge your current conversion tactics, Boostify has the tools to translate your existing website traffic into bottom-line revenue, with minimum marketing headaches.

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